Non-motor Parkinson disease: new concepts and personalised management


This narrative review is based on a PubMed review of original and review articles from 1999 to 2017 as well as specialist society publications and relevant guidelines to formulate an evidence-based overview of the topics, as applied to clinical practice.

Nataliya Titova, K Ray Chaudhuri

1-hour Reading


Learning Outcomes

  1. Lists non-motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson Disease (PD)
  2. Become aware of the NMS burden, total number of NMS in a patient with PD, and how it can be graded
  3. Explain non-motor subtyping
  4. Identify various treatment options for Parkinson Disease (PD)


Non-motor Symptoms (MMS), Parkinson disease (PD), ‘the shaking palsy’, ‘paralysis agitans’, tremor, complex condition, gait abnormalities, stooped posture, sleep dysfunction, delirium, dementia, dysautonomia, motor disorders, non-motor disorders, combination, biomarkers, neuroprotective therapies

Medical Audience
GP, GP Registrar, Specialist, Doctors in Training (DIT), Medical Student, International Medical Graduate, Overseas Trained Doctor, Neurologist


Medical Journal of Australia
Online Education
1h : 0m
MBA - CPD: 11h : 0m
Nervous System Diseases

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