AMA's Plan to Modernise Medicare


Technology has advanced – new treatments, personalised medicine, hospital-in-the-home care, telehealth and remote monitoring now all exist.

Our healthcare needs have also changed. We’re an older society, with more chronic disease and more complex healthcare requirements. This requires GPs to spend more time with patients on their care but Medicare penalises them for doing so. 

GPs are at the heart of our healthcare system. This plan encapsulates the action required to deliver the AMA's vision to strengthen general practice and improve funding arrangements enabling comprehensive GP care, keeping people healthier and out of hospital.

For further CPD available on doctorportal Learning, please click here to read the 'AMA Position Statement on the Medical Home 2021' or here to complete self-paced online learning on 'The AMA 10-Year Framework for Primary Care Reform. 

Learning Outcomes

  1. Explain key components of the plan.
  2. List main recommendations.
  3. Recognise changes in Government policy in response to the plan.


Accreditation: Self-directed

Type: Plan


21 / 05 / 2022
Reading: journal; textbook; book; literature review
1h : 0m
MBA: 1h : 0m
Health Policy
Doctor-in-Training, Specialist General Practitioner
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