PIP QI and CAT Plus


This module is designed for new and experienced users of Pen CS CAT Plus and details the new improvement measures, as well as additional examples for quality improvement (QI) activities in a general practice setting. PEN CS believes these tools are ideally positioned to assist practices with their ongoing quality improvement.  

Plan Do Study Act (PDSA), Online Learning 



Learning Outcomes

  1. Identify and assist general practices to implement clinical interventions 
  2. Prepare and complete PDSAs for Quality Improvement Measures (QIMs) 
  3. Clean and maintain patient records


Practice Incentive Program, Quality Improvement and CAT Plus, PIP QI, Pen CS, data sets, submission, download

GP, GP Registrar, Specialist, Doctor in Training (DIT), Medical Student, International Medical Graduate, Overseas Trained Doctor


Pen CS
Plan Do Study Act (PDSA)
8h : 0m
MBA - CPD: 8h : 0m
Health Services Administration

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